How Does it Work?

  • The Linkcinch® is a stand-alone device that is placed on your necklace or accessory chain and used to adjust the length.  
  • The Linkcinch® is engineered to be effective and strong.  It's made of metal and plated in Gold or Silver.
  • By simply inserting your necklace into the Linkcinch® you've now made your necklace adjustable and it can be worn with any outfit.
  • You no longer have to buy multiple necklaces in an attempt to fit each outfit. With one Linkcinch® you can adjust your favorite necklace to fit many outfits.
  • Necklace clasps can be difficult to fasten because of their tiny size. With the Linkcinch® you can eliminate the repeated clasping and unclasping that can cause pain and frustration. Put it on once and never worry about clasping again. Simply lengthen the necklace and lift over your head then adjust the necklace to your desired size.
  • Check out the guide below or watch the video instruction on how easy the Linkcinch® is to use.
  • Check out our Best Fit page to see the chains that the Linkcinch® is best suited for.