Adjust Necklace Length!


Have a favorite necklace you wish was longer/shorter? Have necklaces that don't seem to go with any outfit? 
These dilemmas are a result of incorrectly sized necklaces.

Introducing the Linkcinch®.  Easily adjust necklace length to complement any outfit.

The Linkcinch® is the only Patent Pending rotary jewelry device designed specifically for
adjusting the length of your Necklace, Bracelet, or Accessory chain.

Necklace clasps can be difficult to fasten because of their tiny size. With the Linkcinch® you
can eliminate the repeated clasping and unclasping that can cause pain and frustration.

See how it works...


How to Install the Linkcinch (2 methods)

World's first Adjustable Pendant!

Store your necklaces tangle-free (The Traveller)


Brass Adjustable Pendant